What We Do

Environmental Approvals and Compliance

We help clients obtain approvals including negotiation with regulatory authorities and, where necessary, appeal decisions to the appropriate tribunals and courts.

We advise clients on compliance with environmental regulation and approvals. In particular, we have expertise in the area of compliance with the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights. We also have significant knowledge on regulatory compliance and the new approvals system at the Ministry of the Environment.

Policy Development

We also have significant experience working on policy manuals. For instance, David McRobert oversaw the overall direction, writing, editing and revision of the ECO Policy Manual between 1995 and 2010. In addition, he handled the modification of personnel policies, as well as, modifications and amendments to all internal policy and procedure manuals and organizational rules. Mr. McRobert was also tasked with ensuring the ECO office was in compliance with all provincial and federal laws, as well as, other government policies.

Energy Approvals

We help clients negotiate and comply with power purchase agreements (including Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff), obtain approvals and comply with regulatory requirements.

We advise clients on a wide range of issues concerning renewable energy, cogeneration and energy from waste.

We advise clients on energy regulation and represent them as as counsel before energy regulatory tribunals.


We advise companies and First Nations on the law relating to the rights of Aboriginal peoples, including consultation and accommodation. We also act as counsel before tribunals on a variety of Aboriginal legal issues.

Great Lakes issues

We advise clients on Great Lakes issues such as water diversion projects.

Consensus Processes and ADR

We advise clients in government, industry and civil society organizations on how to use consensus based processes for dispute resolution.

Invasive species

We advise government and industry clients on invasive species regulation in Canada.

Defending Clients when Ministries and federal Departments and other agencies investigate or prosecute them.

We defend clients against enforcement action and prosecution by environmental and other regulatory authorities.

Fisheries Act Compliance

We advise clients on all aspects of Fisheries Act compliance, taking into account the recent extensive amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the FA enacted by 2012 federal budget bill, Bill C-38.

Freedom of Information

We advise clients on Freedom of Information issues and how to obtain information about the handling of their approvals or policy issues within all levels of subject government offices and relevant agencies such as OPG.

Contaminated Land, Waste and Water

We advise clients on liability, represent them in litigation and defend them in enforcement action and prosecutions related to contaminated lands. We help them negotiate appropriate obligations in real estate and corporate transaction documents.

We also work with communities and residents who have concerns about vapor intrusion and potential impacts in their property values.

Waste reduction and the 3Rs

We advise clients on compliance with the 3Rs (reduction, reuse and recycling) regulations that were passed by the Ontario government in 1994. David McRobert was a senior policy advisor who worked on the regulations and the related enabling laws in the early 1990s.

We also provide advice on hazardous waste regulation and waste export to the USA.


We represent local clients as counsel in appealing decisions to the Ontario Municipal Board or other appropriate regulatory bodies.

Wireless Radiation Safety

We represent local residents, parents and municipalities who have concerns about the effects of cell towers and who are concerned about wireless safety in schools and neighbourhoods.


We act for municipalities and clients with an interest in municipal matters on a wide range of environmental, planning and development issues relating to the powers and responsibilities of municipalities.

Climate Change

We help companies anticipate and prepare for the benefits and costs of climate change regulation.

We are also able to prepare innovative plans to help companies demonstrate leadership in reducing emissions.

Asbestos Export and Management

We advise national and international clients in civil society organizations on issues related to asbestos export and management.


We have been at the leading edge of sustainable development and sustainability for decades. We advise clients on a wide range of issues where their voluntary efforts impact or are impacted by legal requirements.